Fill In The Blank With The Spanish Word That Best Completes The Sentence. Do You Like _____ Music? Nadar Escuchar Viajar Preguntar (2023)

1. [PDF] SPANISH 1A Student Reference Guide

  • Missing: viajar | Show results with:viajar

2. [PDF] Beginning Spanish: ¡Empecemos por aquí! - PDXScholar

  • Feb 14, 2022 · I know the words for subject pronouns in Spanish (yo, tú, etc.). □ I understand what conjugation is. □ I can conjugate the verbs ser and ...

3. [PDF] Beginning Spanish Language and Culture

  • Spanish I: Beginning Spanish language and Culture is an excellent digitally-free alternative to the high-priced college Spanish textbook and, being an open- ...

4. PDF The SPANISH VERB DRILLS The Big Book - Corsicana ISD

  • Missing: music? preguntar

5. [PDF] Español 1 - ¡Naveguemos juntos! - LibreTexts

  • ... Spanish, complete the following activities. Actividades. Fill in the blank with the question words given to complete the sentence. (P= Pregunta (Question), R ...

6. [PDF] 5 Las vacaciones - Vista Higher Learning

  • Escoger Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. 1. Los chicos van en a Toledo. a. avión b. barco c. tren. 2. Manuel tiene una ...

7. (PDF) Spanish I | Mostafa DAIF -

  • Related Papers · 1. (gastar/pasar) Cuando yo _____ mucho tiempo en el centro comercial yo _____ mucho dinero. · 2. (conocer/saber) Yo _____ que ellas _____ a mi ...

  • Spanish I

8. [PDF] Practice Workbook with Writing, Audio & Video Activities

  • Fill in the chart below for the verb ser. © Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. 2 ¿Cómo eres tú? Nombre.

9. [PDF] Spanish 1 - Amazon S3

  • Do you have an introduction sentence and a closing sentence? 2. Are there any ... you like to do, and three things you don't like). (Por ejemplo: “Me gusta ...

10. [PDF] Hola a Todos: Elementary Spanish I - CORE

  • What question word should you use in each of these sentences. You will have to ... Write four things you like (to do) and four things you do not like (to do).

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