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Hello Dragon Ball enthusiasts! Over the years of its airing, Dragon Ball has become quite the most popular anime show of all time. With super powerful and intriguing characters with astonishing abilities and interesting backgrounds, Dragon Ball is a powerhouse of some of the best characters in the anime culture.

Dragon Ball has introduced characters of many kinds, from Aliens from other planets to Superhumans, Angels, or even Gods – Dragon Ball is known for its diversity in its characters.

Among all these powerful beings, there are some known as Angels, whose roles are to guide and teach the Gods in every way. These Angels, oftentimes, have proved themselves to be more capable and powerful than the Gods themselves. And in multiple combat situations against some of the scariest and overpowered villains, these Angels have proved themselves to be capable of performing jaw-dropping techniques.

This is why the fans of Dragon Ball have always shown great curiosity for these Angels. So in today’s article, we present to you some of the strongest Dragon Ball Angels whose abilities will shock you!

Who Are The Angels in Dragon Ball?

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Strongest Dragon Ball Angels: Some Of The Most Powerful Angels Who Will Make Your Jaw Drop - Sassy Weeb (1)

In the Dragon Ball Universe, there are many ranks in the hierarchy of God’s characters. As there are many people in powers and positions, each of these capable characters is given some significant role to play in the well-being of the universe.

For example, in the world of Dragon Ball, each planet has a God who supervises the individual planets. Above them, the Kai, otherwise known as the King Of Worlds, has the responsibility to watch over all the gods of the whole universe. Like this, there are many other ranks of people in possession of great power in the world of Dragon Ball. However, the higher the rank goes, the more powerful and capable the Gods become. And since the show has also introduced the multiversal concept, there are many Gods and Angel figures in the show who are quite powerful beings.

But who are these Angels? Basically, the Angels in the Dragon Ball universe are a specific type of life form who are of extremely high status in the hierarchy of the multiverse. These Angels are responsible for teaching, training, and overall guiding the Gods who tend to the universe. Most of the time, the Angels are serving the Gods of Destruction in multiple universes. An angel’s job is to help their Gods master their destructive capabilities and also serve them as their personal attendants.

From the appearance, these Angels have blue skin, white hair, violet eyes, and different heights. When an angel is at full power, they possess a blue halo around their necks. Their attire is also very similar to that of Zeno.

Aside from being the attendants of the Gods, Angels are also deities themselves and they possess a very grand amount of Ki. Usually, these Angels inhabit the Angel realm – which is their home planet.

Angels are very supreme creatures in the world of Dragon Ball. Angels do not require any food or sleep, an ability that even Gods Of Destruction and the Supreme Kais do not have. Although, Angels are known for eating for luxury.

Angels are also almost invincible since they are almost completely unable to die. The only way they can be removed from their existence is only if they violate the Angel laws.

Violating these specific laws will immediately make the angel disappear. However, an exception to this is when an angel is commanded exclusively by their respective God to break a certain Angel law, their lives are spared.

Overall, Angels are the most supreme being of everyone in the Dragon Ball universe. Though ranking lower than Gods in the ruling hierarchy, in many ways Angels even cross the super powerful Gods in Dragon Ball. Out of whom, we will discuss the strongest Dragon Ball Angels of all time.

Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Angels Who Are Even Stronger Than The Gods Of Dragon Ball!

Strongest Dragon Ball Angels: Some Of The Most Powerful Angels Who Will Make Your Jaw Drop - Sassy Weeb (2)

As we have mentioned before, in many ways Angels even pass the powers of a God in Dragon Ball. These Angels, who we have seen interact with the main protagonists of the Dragon Ball show many times, are some of the strongest beings in the whole show.

In fact, if there was a list to be made about the strongest characters of the show, half of that list would be occupied by some of the Angels themselves. Since they have little to no weaknesses, angels can remain in their powerful form for a long time during a battle, and thus any other opponent against them is at last always sure to surrender. Among these Angels, some have proven themselves to be more capable than others. This is why in today’s article we bring to you the top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Angels (ranked weakest to strongest) who are almost truly invincible.

  • Merus- The Trainee Angel

On the first of our list of strongest Dragon Ball Angels, we have the Trainee Angel, Merus. Angel Merus was first introduced in the Dragon Ball Manga in the chapter “Battle’s End And Aftermath”.

In terms of a character, Merus is often said to be the reverse parallel of Goku. Merus was born an angel, thus he could change his state into the Perfect Ultra Instinct form without ever needing to transform. Merus is the number one Elite patrolman of the Galactic Patrol and is a former trainee angel.

Although weaker than the full-fledged guide Angels, Merus is one of the strongest beings in the entire show. In order to not violate the angel laws, Merus is often hiding the true nature of an angel. Aside from excellent visual prowess and his advanced efficiency in Ultra Instinct, Merus also has a number of unique and extremely powerful abilities which make him one of the strongest Dragon Ball Angels ever.

Merus’s unique abilities include his unreadable ki – which means that no other Saiyan or any godly being can detect his ki from afar. He also possesses the ability of flight and hikou, which means to fly using his jet boots. He is also able to shoot a large bean of energy at his opponent which is drawn from the Galactic Police issue Ray Gun.

He can also create physical matter out of thin air, an ability known as Magic Materialisation. He also possesses healing abilities, sealing spells which can restrict an opponent to use their Copy Ability along with his skills in Bojutsu.

  • Mohito – The Beast Handler Of Universe 9

Mohito was first introduced into the manga in the chapter “The Gods Of Destruction From All 12 Universes”. Mohito is the angel of Universe 9 and he serves and trains the God Of Destruction of Universe 9.

Like every attendant of the Gods Of Destruction in the multiverse, Mohito also possesses exquisite abilities and powers which made him included in the list of the strongest Dragon Ball Angels of all time. In terms of power, Mohito stands weaker than Belmod and Champa. However, that doesn’t mean that he is any weak of an angel.

Mohito is one of the strongest Dragon Ball Angels. He also possesses some unique techniques and abilities which make him as powerful as he is. His abilities include a flight with the help of his Ki, being able to perform a Ki Blast, the ability to destroy anything including Gods and Ghosts which is known as Hakai, and many more. Mohito can also create an energy field to protect himself from the opponent’s attacks. According to Sidra himself, the ability of Mohito’s shield generation is “unmatched”.

Strongest Dragon Ball Angels: Some Of The Most Powerful Angels Who Will Make Your Jaw Drop - Sassy Weeb (3)

  • Kusu – Healer Angel of Universe 10

Kusu, the Attendant angel of Universe 10, was first introduced in the manga chapter “The Gods Of Destruction From All 12 Universes” and in the Anime in the episode “Even The Universes’ Gods Are Appalled?! The Lose-and-Perish Tournament of Power”. Kusu is the guide angel of Rumsshi, the God Of Destruction of Universe 10.

As an angel of the God of Destruction, Kusu is a very capable fighter in the Dragon Ball universe. Being the trainer and guide of the God Rumsshi, he holds even more power than the God Of Destruction himself. Kusu is the strongest being in Universe 10, and he holds a number of amazing abilities as well.

Kusu’s abilities include flight, Ki Blast, Healing, and Ultra Instinct as well as his immortality. These powers put him at a great advantage in any battle with anyone.

  • Camparri – Mechanical Interpreter Of Universe 3

In the Tournament of Power, the Angel of the Universe 3, Camparri, seemed rather terrified of the turns of events. Camparri is the attendant and guide angel of Mule of Universe 3, and he holds a number of special abilities within himself.

Camparri’s abilities include being able to achieve the Perfected Ultra Instinct form effortlessly. Along with that, he also possesses flight, ki blast and is an immortal being.

  • Cognac- The Quiet Angel Of Universe 4

Cognac is the Angel guardian of Universe 4. He serves the God of Destruction of Universe 4, otherwise known as Quitela. Cognac is the master and guide of Quitela and is very talented and insightful. A very composed Angel, Cognac remains very indifferent to anything that takes place around him. But he also yields a great deal of power as well. Cognac is capable of flying using his Ki, performing Ki Blast, having perfect Ultra Instinct, and also immortality.

  • Sour – Angel Of Universe 2 AKA “The Idol Universe”

Angel of the Idol universe AKA the Universe 2, Sour is another addition to our list of the strongest Dragon Ball Angels ever. Sour is the attendant of the God Of Destruction of Universe 2, and as well as his angel guard and trainer. A serious and intelligent being, Sour is also very indifferent to the matters taking place around him.

Like most other Angels of Dragon Ball, Sour is also immortal and possesses powers like Flight, Ki Blast and Autonomous Ultra Instinct. He has one of the longest-lasting and most entertaining showings of the Non-Saiyan universes in the show. He also proved to be more than a match for Universe 7’s fighters, which speaks volumes about his abilities.

  • Marcarita – The Arrogant Angel of Universe 11

The arrogant angel of universe 11, Marcarita serves the God Of Destruction of Universe 11, known otherwise as Belmod. Margarita is a fine addition to the list of the strongest Dragon Ball Angels.

Being at the same level of Jiren, and also being skilled in several tricks and powers, it was strongly evident that she is more powerful than many angels of the show.

  • Whis- Lord Beerus’s Trusted Super Powerful Attendant

Strongest Dragon Ball Angels: Some Of The Most Powerful Angels Who Will Make Your Jaw Drop - Sassy Weeb (4)

Whis, the very known angel attendant of the God Of Destruction of Universe 7, has shown a lot of his exquisite powers in the show. He is so powerful in fact that he gave even Goku and Vegeta a very hard time trying to deal with him.

Whis is able to match Moro’s powers with just a finger, and also match Broly even in his Superstate. With a negating Ki, Warping and temporal warping, are just some of the reasons why Whis is one of the strongest Dragon Ball Angels ever introduced in the show.

  • Vados- Universe 6’s Guardian

Probably the most known powerful angel of the show, Vados is an angel most fans of the show are very aware of. Vados has a collection of super powers which exceeds the list of such of the other Angels. His abilities include being able to see into other universes, destroying entire planets, carrying the super Dragon Balls and many more. He is able to knock out Champa with a single blow and is also stronger than Whis himself.

  • Grand Minister – Attendant of the Grand Zeno

Strongest Dragon Ball Angels: Some Of The Most Powerful Angels Who Will Make Your Jaw Drop - Sassy Weeb (5)

The last and the strongest individual on our list of strongest Dragon Ball Angels ever, we have the Grand Minister, attendant of the Grand Zeno. The Grand Minister surpasses anyone in the multiverse.

He stopped two Gods Of Destruction at the same time and even had Zamasu worried. He also is more powerful than Whis and Vados. Truly, there can be no one comparison to his abilities and thus, he is the strongest Dragon Ball angel to ever exist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who are the 12 angels in Dragon Ball?

The 12 angels of Dragon Ball are

Great Priest (Zen-Oh’s Palace), Awamo (Universe 1), Sour (Universe 2), Campari (Universe 3), Cognac (Universe 4), Cukatail (Universe 5), Vados (Universe 6), Whis (Universe 7), Future Whis (erased), Korn (Universe 8), Mojito (Universe 9) (inactive), Cus (Universe 10) (inactive), Marcarita (Universe 11), Martinu (Universe 12).

  • Is Merus the weakest angel?

Since Merus is a trainee angel, he is said to be the weakest Angel.

  • Who is the strongest angel in DBS after Grand Priest?

Vados is said to be the strongest Angel in DBS after Grand Priest.

  • Who is the strongest angel in Dragon Ball?

The Grand Priest is said to be the most powerful angel in Dragon Ball.

  • Who is the weakest destroyer, God?

Iwan of Universe 1 is said to be the weakest destroyer, God.


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