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Is the Omni King really in charge or are the Grand Priest and the Angels really calling the shots? There are many clues that direct us to the ladder.

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The first clue lies in what we learned about the Omni King when we first met him way back in episode 55. According to Beerus, the Omni King is the most powerful being in the Universe. Whis also adds that the Omni King has destroyed 6 Universes on a whim. But power isn’t everything. Note, that it is never mentioned that Zeno had anything to do with the creation of anything in the Universe.

Zeno doesn’t even follow the rules of creators. Which are stated In episode 18 of Dragon Ball Super, when Whis explained the connection between Gods of Destruction and Kaoshins. Whis explains that it is the God of Destruction’s job to destroy, and the Kaoshin’s job to create. In episode 53 Gowasu expanded upon this role, by explaining to Zamasu that “It is a Kaoshin’s role to create, and not to interfere with the mortals.”

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The second clue lies in episode 67. Goku presses the button which summons Zeno. When Zeno arrives, he had no idea who Goku was. So not only is Zeno not all knowing, he is forgetful. He didn’t only forget about Goku, but also the button he gave him that would teleport him to the location of it when pressed. This alone would seem like something Zeno would have made a conscious effort to take heed of. Another theory out there is the Omni King is bound by time, but that would also support the idea that he isn’t all knowing. This would also explain the rule against time travel.

A third clue, doesn’t really tell us anything more, rather enforces things we already know about Zeno. In episode 77, the two Zenos are bored and are literally wiping out planets. Further proof that Zeno destroys, and likely does not create.

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From these first three clues about Zeno, we can make two very clear conclusions about Zeno. The first conclusion we make is Zeno destroys a lot and has never been described as a creator. The second conclusion is that he is not all knowing, and even kind of stupid.

Is it possible that someone else is actually pulling all the strings. If so, could it be possible that it is the Grand Priest? Or if there are other God’s that we don’t know about, could they be the actual ones calling the shots? Like some Interuniversal shadow Government?

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It’s hard to tell right now who is actually in charge, but we can sure tell that the Grand Priest has an abnormally high amount of influence for someone whose known as the Omni King’s servant.

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For one it’s important to note how people treat Zeno. Everybody bows to Zeno except the Angels. In fact, the Kaoshins and the Gods of Destruction all panic when Goku is casual with Zeno, yet still not the Angels. Why is that? Is that because the Angels know that even if their Universes would be wiped that they would still be okay? Or do they know something that every body else doesn’t?

It is also important to consider again, that Zeno is not intelligent. It’s very clear he has the mentality of a toddler. So a task as complex as a creating a tournament with 80 contestants may be beyond Zeno’s capacity. This being said, it can be assumed that Zeno wasn’t the organizer of all the rules, therefore Universal erasure as punishment for defeat may have been the Grand Priest’s idea all along.

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Lastly, it is important to note which deity level relationship is most similar to that of Zeno and The Grand Priest. That would be the relationship of Angel and God of Destruction. One thing about that relationship is the Angels are stronger than the God’s of Destruction by a wide margin. Could this be the same case here with Zeno and the Grand Priest?

When we take these things into consideration, it sure makes Dragon Ball Super that much more exciting. One thing that is absolutely certain is the Grand Priest and the Angels have been plotting something. Whether or not that includes dethroning the Omniking has yet to be seen.

5 Fights That Totally Needs To Happen In Tournament Of Power

With there being 80 participants in the Tournament of Power there’s the potential for so many epic, weird, funny, down right crazy fights happening in the Tournament of Power. We have already seen some amazing fights such as Dyspo vs Goku and Hit, Android 17 vs Sanka Ku, and Kale raging, or when she learned to control her “berserker form” with Caulifla vs members of the Pride Troopers.

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That being said there are so many great fights that we need to see. How possible are these fights going to happen? Some very likely, and some if were lucky. They have set the ground work for these fights, and would be a great way to take a break from all the Goku we have been seeing. Nothing against Goku, but we all know the end of this Tournament of Power is going to be ALL Goku, so showcase other characters a little more with some of these fights!

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Cabba vs Vegeta!
Yes, we need to see Cabba vs Vegeta 2! We have seen Cabba very little during the Tournament of Power when you compare to how much we have seen of his other teammates like Kale, Caulifla, and Hit. The one time we really saw Cabba, he was appearing out of a cloud of smoke, threatening Vegeta that Cabba will Eliminate his Master, Vegeta while eliminating 2 other participants. Now, with Cabba knowing about “Super Saiyan Blue” and the power it has, why was Cabba so confident that he could win against Vegeta this time? We need to see them face off against each other one more time, and find out why Cabba was so confident!

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Piccolo vs Saonel/Pilina
This fight, just like the Cabba vs Vegeta is another “need to see” fight! Knowing that there are Namekians from Universe 6, and that they are in the Tournament of Power was huge! Immediately everyone wanted Piccolo and Gohan to come across these Universe 6 Namekians. We need to see what these Namekians are like. Are they like our Namekians? Do they have the same techniques and abilities as ours? Most importantly we need to see the reaction and introduction between these Universe 6 Namekians and Gohan and Piccolo. There are so many questions surrounding these Namekians that need answering and all of it can be answered by a 2 on 2 fight between Gohan and Piccolo and these Universe 6 Namekians!

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Gohan vs Toppo!
I put this one on here cause it would be the “Battle of Ultimate Justice!”. Think about it, Toppo being the leader of the Pride Troopers, being the symbol of Justice, and then Gohan who is also the “Great Saiyaman!”. They would have the ultimate battle of posses, and justice! Also it would show us just what Gohan is capable of and if Gohan can improve as quick as he needs to. Also this fight would show us just what Toppo is capable of. We only saw a sneak peek of what Toppo is capable of with his battle against Goku in the Zen Exhibition Match. This fight would be a great way to show just what both fighters can do! Also to see Toppo’s reaction to Gohan being Goku’s son seeing how Toppo has sworn Goku as the enemy!

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Frieza vs Frost!
This is one that (probably) won’t happen but would still be nice to see! The reason for this is because Frieza seems to be the superior of the 2, but for the most part both Frieza and Frost are quite similar. Both transform and evolve the same. Even tho both Frieza and Frost seem to of made a pact together, would be nice to see our Emperor of the Universe turn on Frost and show everyone why Frieza is the “Ultimate Space Pirate!”.

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