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Ouryuu (黄龍Ōryū)









August 30 (Virgo)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Dragon Warrior

Previous Occupation

First Priest of Kouka

Ex Chief and founder of Tribe








Previous Partner(s)

King Hiryuu







Kaya(Wife, deceased)

Zeno(ゼノZeno) has been confirmed byJae-HaandKijato be the current Ouryuu, one of the fourdragon warriors, which possesses the blood of the yellow dragon deity. Later, it is revealed that he is actually the original Ouryuu who once servedKing Hiryuu.


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Zeno is a young man who always has a smile on his face, which indicates that he is an extremely happy person. He has blue eyes (previously brown) and thick, messy yellow hair. He puts a short green bandanna with an orange hanging beaded accessory decorated with a gold circular dragon design around his forehead and ties it in a bow on the right side.

He wears an orange overcoat with diamond patterns on top of a white robe with brown hemlines, fastens a green scarf around his neck, and dons brown short boots.


Zeno is an energetic, cheerful young man who enjoys the company of others. He mostly uses third-person speech and probably never called anybody by their name even after learning their name. Most of the time, he appears to be childish and an attention-seeker,though he can be wise and mature when he wants to. Despite the fact that he chooses not to fight, he always stands on the front lines to protect everyone from danger.

LikeJae-Ha, he can easily discern what is happening to a person and even has foresight on them, like when he tells Hak that he has "the smell of death" on him or how he says that Tae-Jun has changed and that he can become someone important.He also appears to know more than what he is willing to tell, and may appear deceitful because of it. However, he actually waits for the right time to tell things as he can’t easily show or express it to others given his circumstances of being one of the original dragon warriors.

Zeno can be very lovable, and at times he tends to try to break up Kija and Hak's arguments. He especially loves food, which is how he found the group so quickly in the middle of a forest. According to Hak, Zeno "broke Kija's record of speed joining".


Two thousand years ago, Zeno was just an ordinary kid who could hear the voice of God likeIk-Soo. When Ouryuu descended from the heavens to look for a human who can be his other half, Zeno decided to take in the dragon’s blood in a wish to make the world a better place and for everyone to be happy.Since then, he has stopped aging and no longer hears the voice of God.

He joinedGu-En,AbiandShu-Ten, who were the Hakuryuu, Seiryuu and Ryokuryuu, respectively. During the conflict inKouka, the four of them protected King Hiryuu. One time, the other dragon warriors became curious of Zeno's powers and he showed them how he is able to regenerate fast. When he showed it to King Hiryuu, he was hugged by him and was given a dragon crest. Several days after, he became worried about the nature of his power and he asked the king about it. However, the answer to his question remained a mystery as King Hiryuu died.

After the death of the king, he appointed himself as the "Priest" –with the dragon crest proving his authority– and chose to stay behind when his dragon brothers were leaving.Before the three departed, they shared a hug as Gu-En told them how they were all connected and how they will return to the heaven someday. However, Zeno at the time had come to learn about his power and thought that he could no longer return anywhere.During the time he was a priest, he solved the dangers coming to the country on his own.Twenty years later, he sensed the fleeting life of Gu-En and he became depressed as he pleaded with King Hiryuu and his dragon brothers to not leave him behind.

Unlike the three original dragons, he did not establish a village of his own.He had left the village he was born in, but he notes that it is still exists though it looks different than it used to. Since he was stuck in his immortal body and did not have a village he belonged to, he traveled around a lot and waited for King Hiryuu's reincarnation. At some point in his life, Zeno was married toKaya, a girl living on the outskirts of a certain village, she died at an early age due to an incurable disease.


Zeno is the last person to join the group, where he wandered in when he smelled the scent of raw food. He then toldYonawhile praying for the butchered animal that all living things will go back to heaven and that the animal will forgive her. He introduced himself as a wondering adventurer. Due to his grumbling stomach and hunger, he was invited to have lunch with the group.The other three dragons had already suspected Zeno is Ouryuu and he confirms that it is him. Everyone starts asking him questions, and is asked byKijaif he feels anything when he looks at Yona, to which he simply answers that she is a cute girl, surprising the dragons who expected him to go through the awakening . He then accepted Yona's request to join the group, with others noting that he was the fastest person to join the group. Kija introduces himself to Zeno, and asks him what his power is. Zeno replies that he has a sturdy body, to whichHakis quick to test by punching Zeno. He is sent flying, and is visibly hurt, causing the others to question Zeno's power as Ouryuu. Despite the others' suspicions, Yona deeply believes that Zeno is Ouryuu.

Later, Zeno offers to help Yona carry the wood, which turns out to be too heavy for him. As both of them keep walking, Yona claims that despite their first meeting, Zeno feels cheerful, different from ordinary people like a warm ray of sunshine, and just being by him, her mood brightens up. She formally introduces herself and welcomes him to the group. After helping Yona, he thanks the heavens and comments that the moon looks pretty.


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Zeno's true ability revealed.


As the possessor of Ouryuu’s power, Zeno has an infinite life span. Due to this, he has stopped aging –giving him the same appearance as when he drank the dragon’s blood two thousand years ago– and can’t get sick even if he is away from theHiryuu Castleunlike the other three dragons warriors.


Zeno can regenerate quickly from the injuries he receive, which cause the dragon scales to form on his body after he heals. Depending on where the dragon scales form, these parts of the body cannot be hurt any further once they regenerate.This explains why Zeno did not appear to have an indestructible body and can be easily hurt like a normal human in the beginning as it was necessary for him to be hurt deeply on certain areas of his body. Furthermore, even if a part of him is cut off, Zeno can still control it at will and reconnect it back to his body. However, after a while, the injured parts of him that turn into dragon scales return to there normal human form.Even though he doesn't get sick from being far away to the Hiryuu Castle, his regeneration slows down.

Melee Combatant:

Despite looking like a person who doesn't train his body, Zeno can handle fights against numerous soldiers, armed or unarmed. This is further enhanced if Zeno gains the dragon's scales on his arms and feet which gives him immense strength similar toKija'sdragon claw and Jae-Ha's dragon foot.

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